Thursday, August 7, 2008

Install a USB DVD-ROM device

Does anyone noticed that you can connect a USB DVD-ROM to MR1 and plays DVD-ROM ?
There is a MR1 user from Google Groups reminds me and encourage me to give this post.

Steps :
1. Download scripts : Double click me
2. Unzip DVD support for MR.rar to MR1's FAT32 partition's root directary.
3. Telnet into MR1.
4. Type "/usr/local/etc/hdd/volumes/HDD1/fordvd" in command line.
5 Reboot MR1.

Control method :
1. Connects a USB DVD-ROM to MR1.
2. Go to Setup -> Network -> Network Setup -> Auto(DHCP) and press Enter key. (Eject action)
3. Insert non CSS DVD-Video disk and close the door.
4. Set Auto(DHCP) again just like Step2. (This time will mount the DVD-ROM as drive letter Z and create a DVD folder in hard disk.
5. You could browse it from HDD/dvd folder or USB both.
6. Drive is locked until you set Auto(DHCP) again.(umount the device)

Warning :
1. Sometimes you have to set DHCP couple times to mount DVD-ROM successful.
2. System might reboot unexpected or crashed due to unknown reason.
3. Can't plays CSS encryption disk.
4. I have tried all my USB DVD-ROM, but only Slim type works.

If anyone can help to solve issues out, that would be very grateful.
Please contribute your know-how at MR1's Google Groups

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