Thursday, August 7, 2008

Install a USB DVD-ROM device

Does anyone noticed that you can connect a USB DVD-ROM to MR1 and plays DVD-ROM ?
There is a MR1 user from Google Groups reminds me and encourage me to give this post.

Steps :
1. Download scripts : Double click me
2. Unzip DVD support for MR.rar to MR1's FAT32 partition's root directary.
3. Telnet into MR1.
4. Type "/usr/local/etc/hdd/volumes/HDD1/fordvd" in command line.
5 Reboot MR1.

Control method :
1. Connects a USB DVD-ROM to MR1.
2. Go to Setup -> Network -> Network Setup -> Auto(DHCP) and press Enter key. (Eject action)
3. Insert non CSS DVD-Video disk and close the door.
4. Set Auto(DHCP) again just like Step2. (This time will mount the DVD-ROM as drive letter Z and create a DVD folder in hard disk.
5. You could browse it from HDD/dvd folder or USB both.
6. Drive is locked until you set Auto(DHCP) again.(umount the device)

Warning :
1. Sometimes you have to set DHCP couple times to mount DVD-ROM successful.
2. System might reboot unexpected or crashed due to unknown reason.
3. Can't plays CSS encryption disk.
4. I have tried all my USB DVD-ROM, but only Slim type works.

If anyone can help to solve issues out, that would be very grateful.
Please contribute your know-how at MR1's Google Groups

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Use MR1 as a P2P downloader

Nothing to plays on MR1 ?
An option for you to set MR1 as a P2P downloader, so you could download your favorite media from internet.

MLDonkey is the P2P client used in this package.

Steps :

1. Download Debian image, there are four .rar files. Click here go to download site...
2. Unzip the downloaded files to MR1's FAT32 partition through USB connection. [Make sure there are 1GB space available]
3. Disconnect USB connection and boot up MR1, make sure time is set at present and LAN is connected.
4. In Windows, go to the Start menu, select Run,at the command line type "telnet" [Assume MR1's IP address is]
5. Venus login : root
6. Password : AVMMR1 [case-sensitive]
7.~# /usr/local/etc/hdd/volumes/HDD1/first [MR1 will reboot after enter]
8. MLDonkey will auto start while boot up, if you don't need it, just rename in Service folder.

Note :

1. Default MLDonkey login ID is admin and PW is 1234
2. BT download is disabled in Mldonkey by default, you would need to enable it first, type "x.x.x.x:4080" in IE to access Mldonkey with WebUI, or use Sancho application as GUI connects to MLDonkey(Recommanded).
3. The image is tested with F/W version 1.08

Warning : Use it with your own risk. If something wrong casue the device not function correctly, you might have to do firmware update which will ease all data in the hard disk.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

MR1's Google Groups

Create any topic related to MR1.

Go to MR1 Google Groups

Monday, July 7, 2008

Firmware available at Emprex web site

Warning :
All data in the HDD will be erased after F/W
update, please transfer all recorded media to
Multi Media Disk(FAT32 partition) and back up
whole Multi Media Disk through USB

There are two firmwares, one for PAL TV tuner system and the other one for NTSC TV tuner system. Make sure you have download the right one, otherwise it won't work.

Firmware update procedure  

Version MR1_P1.08.K3

                      PAL system

                      NTSC system

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

MR1 /MR1H wins Taiwan Excellence Awards in 2008

The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) recently awarded High Definition media Record/Play Center as " Taiwan Excellence Award. "
The Taiwan Excellence Award grading products on four criteria– (1) R&D Innovation, (2) Design Innovation, (3) Quality System (4) Marketing for awarded selection. A panel of experts selects over 300 winners based on the four criteria. Each selected winner MUST score well in every category.

Taiwan Excellence Award winners represent the high innovative, best quality, and high value products made by Taiwanese companies. EMPREX committed to creates the best products for our customers. We will also produce leading edge products with the best quality and reliability as much as possible at our state of the art manufacturing facilities.

Owing to the digital content, HDTV and popular network increased the requirement of digital consumer goods; EMPREX planned the multimedia series several years to bring a new age. We phase in the consumer product design and manufacture filed, and look forward to lead the trend and to the future consumer product. There will be more and more fashionable and function integration products released to match the market.
EMPREX manage to establish customer support system to enhance our service value.

MR1/MR1H HD (High Definition) Media Center takes you into digital life style by bringing the entertainment and information technology together with its fantastic design. You can play your favorite music, show photos, and record favorite TV programs into the built-in HDD via EMPREX MR1/MR1H. Friendly user interface and high definition display capability ensure you the high entertainment experience.
With this versatile HD media center, you don't need a DVD Recorder or any other trans-coder to transfer your photos or image files in camcorder via computer, you may just plug in your DV or USB device (such as Flash, Micro Drive…etc) to play or transfer your files.
MR1/MR1H HD Media Center supports Analog Tuner (NTSC /PAL) and High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI, up to 1080i / 720P format). It features USB 2.0 ports for connecting to external A/V devices or PCs for music, video and photo playback.

· Play music, high resolution photo, and HD video on TV
· Equipped with a TV tuner (NTSC or PAL)
· Pause, rewind and fast forward TV program with Time-shifting function
· Support one time, real-time and schedule recoding
· Record videos from DV-IN (IEEE P1394) and AV-IN port
· Up-scale the video output quality
· Stream and transfer files through Ethernet and USB 2.0 Host port
· Serve as an external USB HDD of PC (Through USB 2.0 Device port)
· Support various multimedia formats
· Equipped with a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connector (for model MR1H)
· Built-in 3.5 inch HDD
You can play your favorite music, show photos, and record favorite TV programs into the built-in HDD via EMPREX MR1/MR1H. Friendly user interface and high definition display capability ensure you the high entertainment experience.
Easy record function helps end-user no need to search for recorded files, also no need to worry about the restrict length. MR1/MR1H becomes a satisfy, simple, and easily function consumer product for family member to use.
MR1/MR1H also integrates the network environment, become one of family media center. Users may not only play it but also record at any time and edit or reserve the program as well as record your DV into this media center.
The humanized interface design is not only easy to operate, as well as the sense of vision in design. The high texture and straighten type design of product not only draw the customer’s taste but also increase whole elegant qualities in arranging the living room.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Monday, April 7, 2008

Playing RMVB/WMV/MOV/MKV/H.264

I found a Transcode server utility which allow you to stream RMVB/WMV/MOV/MKV video from PC.
Just download it and launch is at PC side, then you can steam those non-supported video format from PC. Perhaps there are more other formats can be streamed, but I have only tried those.
Try to play back video by PC first, if it can't be playback smoothly, then don't expect it can steaming smoothly as well.

Link to the download site